Missionary Ministry

Vision 2030


“People of India should receive the joy of salvation of Jesus Christ.”

With this burden for souls, the Lord
helped us to send the first dedicated Missionary through FMPB in the Standing in the Gap prayer conducted on January 31, 1987.

Village Missionary Movement (VMM)

The main phase for this ministry is to ‘spread the Gospel to the villages of India’. For this purpose, Jesus Redeems Ministries has joined hands with the ‘Village Missionary Movement’ (VMM) in Virudhunagar and has planned to send 500 Missionaries to spread the Gospel in 22,000 villages of Tamil Nadu. As a first step, so far, by the grace of God, 200 Missionaries have been sent, being dedicated in the ‘Standing in the Gap prayer’.

Jesus Redeems Missionary Ministry sprang up in response to the burden placed by God to preach the Gospel.

Just praying for the Salvation and Redemption of our Nation is not sufficient and to support the Missionaries who are proclaiming the Gospel.  

As God filled our hearts with the burden to reach the “Bhil” Tribal People residing in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

North India Ministries

Today, the Lord has been showering His grace to support 350 Missionaries through prayers and incentives till now, by 57 denominations. So far, we have constructed 280 Churches in the areas where there is no church. Moreover, we have constructed many Churches in the Mission Fields and are financially supporting Tribal Children, so that they may taste the love of God. 

In the midst of Bhil tribals

We have provided Bibles, Two wheelers, four wheelers, and bicycles to the missionaries to help them preach the Gospel at a faster pace. We bought Vans for the quick spread of Gospel, Two and Four wheeler vehicles, Cycles, Projectors, Loudspeaker equipment and Holy Bibles. Moreover, we are supporting 120 Tribal children every month.

We are conducting meetings for the Regional servants of God, elders and the next generation youths among Bhil’s, in order to prepare them for the Revival.

As a result of prayer, ministry and love towards them, ‘Bhil’ a sect of the Tribals have been transformed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Accordingly, we have arranged 12 groups consisting of 24 persons and bought them 12 Vans. As a result, numerous villages have been reached.

In North Eastern States

Even in the North Eastern States of India, we are spreading the gospel targeting 10 million souls, through the Gospel committee consisting of 7 members. They are going to villages, colleges, and schools and doing ministries. A great number of people are being saved through this ministry. As per the vision God gave, to reach the ‘Bhil’ Tribal people who are residing in the State boundaries of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

A great number of people are being saved through this ministry. We are doing various missionary works for years along with SHALOM Organisation.

Even in the, North Eastern States of India, we are spreading the gospel targeting 10 million souls, through the Gospel committee consisting of 7 members. 

This is the Time for Revival

Tamilnadu’s Revival has come within our eye sight. Very soon, we are going to witness the reward for the prayers we have offered and also for the ministries which we have done so far.

As a first step, so far, by the grace of God, 200 Missionaries have been sent, 

being dedicated in the ‘Standing in the Gap’ prayer.

These Missionaries are the plovers in the greatest work by visiting Villages and harvesting souls  to change Tamil Nadu as the Evangelical centre by the Power of God.

We are trying hard to proclaim the ‘Name of Jesus’ into all villages and to prepare them for His coming by spreading the Gospel to Children, Youth and also to diverse kinds of people, within 5 years(2018-2022). Every month, we are providing millions of tracts for this purpose. Kindly, pray for these ministries.

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