Bro. Mohan C Lazarus and Jesus Redeems Ministries

Bro. Mohan C Lazarus

Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus was brought up according to the staunch religious tradition of his family. The inculcation was such that, he used to have combative arguments with those who spoke about Jesus. His feeble mind could equate Jesus only with Buddha and Gandhi and not more than that. He could not comprehend the Godhood of Jesus. Moreover, the indoctrination that he imbibed had developed detestation toward Jesus and his followers alike!

In his early teen age, he was severely affected by an undeciphered heart ailment. The money consuming diverse medical treatments failed to sweep away the malady; instead, his heart began to bulge out more conspicuously. As a result, his body was paralyzed and he was confined to bed. His days were begun to be numbered.

His parents prayed to every god and goddess with various vows and pledges except Jesus Christ as this very name was anathema to them. The days were passing by and his health was deteriorating day by day.

At this precarious scenario, God sent a person to counter with him. His parents did not oppose this man’s move; for, inwardly they expected their son’s cure eagerly! Even as he prayed the power of God descended upon him and after the prayer, he slowly got up and sat on his bed.

He realized the unfathomed compassion of the Light of God and Jesus Christ became his LORD and Savior. Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus has inspired millions of people through his uncompromising message of God’s love. The Lord has used him to minister among huge multitudes of people and many with broken hearts have been blessed and delivered from their sickness, pain and sins. His passion for Prayer shakes the Nations and his zeal for souls is incomparable.

This has resulted in the sprouting of this multifaceted Ministry.

To Pray

To Proclaim

Cover the Nations with Prayers!

Fill the Nations with the Word of God!

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