Social Ministry

There are many tiny hamlets around Nalumavadi, the native of Bro. Mohan C Lazarus. The residents of these villages are poor and stand neglected as scheduled castes in the society. The Holy Spirit induced a burden that these illiterate poor people also should receive salvation and become children of God. As a result, sprouted the free services of “Bethesda Hospital”.

Blood donation camps, eye camps, camps for diabetes and skin problems are conducted continually. Moreover, to help in uplifting poor children, the ‘Jesus Redeems’ furthers them to pursue their education in fields of medicine, engineering, nursing, computer, video section, teacher training and college studies.

On the day of Christmas, we disclose the love of God by providing feast and clothes along with gospel to beggars and to the poor from the villages in and around Nalumavadi. Whenever calamities arise due to Nature, we lend helping hands. Construction of a Multispeciality Hospital is underway and is expected to be completed soon.

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