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Loving Greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus Christ!
We have completed 8 months! GOD has helped us thus far! We should praise GOD. I trust that you and your family members are keeping well. Our prayer team is praying for you.
GOD has also been blessing our 'Jesus Redeems' ministries. GOD performed great and mighty things in the ministries in America and Canada. GOD has raised many people to pray for the nation in these countries.
GOD granted us the grace to go and pray in the premises of the residence of the American president and the American Parliament. Moreover, GOD gave us the grace to gather with the believers in front of the Canadian Parliament and sing praises to HIM and pray for the nation.
IN both these nations, many people who did not know GOD came and participated in the gospel meetings and were touched by GOD and received salvation. Praise GOD! GOD was with us in this long missionary journey and protected us in all our ways. It is because of all your prayers only! I was able to feel the power of your prayers each day in my life.
When I was serving GOD in America, my wife who was in India, fell ill and was admitted into the hospital. Through the prayers of many servants of GOD and the children of GOD, GOD granted my wife a miraculous healing, much to the amazement of the doctors. Praise be to GOD! Please continue to pray for my wife.
In September 2016, the 12 hour standing in the gap fasting prayers are organised in Singapore and Malaysia. Please pray for these ministries. One day gospel meeting has been organised in Singapore. Pray that multitudes of people who do not know GOD, will come and participate in this meeting and receive salvation.
After the fulfilment of these ministries, we will be heading to Israel from the 18th to the 19th of September 2016 and conduct a 12 hour fasting prayer in Israel and pray for revival. 500 people are going to this prayer from India. Pray for this.
GOD blessed the Youth Camp conducted on the 15th August 2016. A good number of youth has risen up as an army of Jesus Christ. On the 1st October 2016, a children's festival is to be conducted at the Tabernacle of GOD at Nalumavadi. Please pray for revival to break out among the little children in these days.
Pray for all the ministries that are being held at the Tabernacle of GOD and the Prayer mount. Also pray for the construction work that is going on at these places.
Be happy in the Lord! HE will not let you be ashamed! HE will perform a miracle for you! I am praying for you.
Please pray for the 'Jesus Redeems' family and all its ministries every day. GOD will specially bless you for upholding the ministry in your prayers and for your benevolent support!
May HIS grace abide with you!
Your Brother,
Bro. Mohan C Lazarus.

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