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My loving greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Thanks be to GOD who had led us thus far! Thanks be to GOD who is going to lead us even more! The Lord had blessed the March ministries!

The Lord gloriously led the 7 day fasting prayers to pray for the revival in Chennai city. Multitudes of people flocked to these prayers which were conducted in various parts of Chennai and prayed.

The spirit of prayer came upon all those who attended these meetings. We were able to witness the people weeping and crying out to GOD seeking a revival. We were able to witness the pastors of the churches and many evangelists come together to pray. We were able to feel that the “Revival was very close” when we witnessed the works of the Holy Spirit.

On the other side, we were able to see the Christian churches and servants of GOD being attacked like never before. Even that signifies that the time of Revival is very close. The fact that the church will go through some persecution before revival sets in is something that the Lord had revealed to us earlier.

Please pray specially for the Churches, the shepherds of the churches and the servants of GOD in these days.

Five churches were attacked by the religious fanatics in the city of Madurai! The shepherds of these churches were also attacked! Therefore, please pray for the protection upon the churches and the servants of GOD. Moreover, please pray that those servants of GOD who are under attack will not lose heart, but to be fearless in the midst of persecution and be steadfast in the Lord. Please pray for the salvation of these religious fanatics.

It is the plan of GOD that the Tamil People who live all over the world be saved. Therefore, 12 hour fasting prayer meetings have been organised unitedly by the Tamil Churches at France, Switzerland and Canada in April 2018. Please pray very specially for these prayer meetings and for myself.

Following this, we are trying to unite the Tamil churches for a nine day fasting prayer that has been organised in Sri Lanka, a seven day fasting prayer meeting at Malaysia and fasting prayers in Singapore and Myanmar to pray for revival. Please pray for this.

There is going to be a revival among the Tamil people all over the world!

The Tabernacle of GOD should be completed very soon. Your earnest prayers are needed for this. The number of people who are praying at the prayer mount has been on an increase. Praise be to the Lord!

On the day of my salvation, my spiritual birthday (18th March) many of you had prayed specially for me! You had also sent greeting cards to me! I would like to thank you personally!

Please continue to pray for me, my wife, the 'Jesus Redeems' families and for my fellow ministers. We will also uphold you in our prayers.

May HIS grace abide with you!

Your brother,

Mohan C. Lazarus.


Monthly Message (April 2018)

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