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Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
Are you well? We are praying for your wellbeing and for your family. The children have started going to school. We are praying for your children. Please place your hands on your children's head and pray for them before they leave for school or college every day. Since you have been praying for me and our ministries, GOD has been blessing our ministries. GOD guided us in a wonderful way all through the last month. Many people were saved, they received deliverance from sin and bondages. Many received healing in the name of Jesus Christ. Your prayers are the reason for all these miracles. You are a partner in this ministry and you have a part in the blessings that are bestowed on this ministry.
It is our prayers for you that, "He will be with you, as HE was with Moses, and guide you and your family in all your ways, just as HE has promised". Our prayer group is praying that GOD will be a father and friend to your whole family and perform miracles in your lives.
The fruits of those who pray and generously give to this ministry will be great in heaven. It is a great blessing to have you shoulder the ministry of building the kingdom of GOD along with us. Pray fervently for the revival in Tamil Nadu. The future of India lies in the revival that is to break out in Tamil Nadu. Therefore, we should pray more fervently for the revival..
By the grace of GOD, the construction of the Tabernacle of GOD is continuing without any interruption. Praise GOD for your prayers and your help. Pray for the early completion of construction of the Tabernacle of God.
The construction of the New Life Multispecialty hospital is also underway. The Holy Spirit lead us to commence the construction of this mission hospital to express the love of Jesus Christ for the poor and the needy. When the construction is completed, many villagers will be blessed. They will also get to taste the love of Jesus Christ. If GOD prompts you, you can also render your help to this ministry.
The Holy Spirit has lead us to minister in America and Canada all through this month. Fasting prayers have been organised in three cities in Canada and two cities in America. Bro. Robert who is part of our ministry is accompanying me in this missionary journey. Please pray for us.We are also praying for you and your family..
May HIS grace abide with you!
Your brother,
Bro. Mohan C Lazarus.

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