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Loving Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Are you well? Is everyone at home keeping well? I am praying for you and your family! I praise GOD for your love and prayers..
I received lots of threats and was subject to reproach when I voiced out the word of GOD at the Standing in the Gap prayers last month. Wall posters denouncing me were put up all over the place. They lodged police complaint against me in the Police station. They contacted the "Jesus Redeems" office over phone and issued threats.
Yet, I did not have even the slightest of fear within me. I was not even discouraged. The reason for this is because primarily, I did not speak those words! It was GOD who spoke! Those who are raising against me are rising up against GOD himself. Therefore, I am not afraid.
Secondly, Your prayers! I came to know that the children of GOD from all over the world were upholding me in their prayers. Many men of GOD, many children of GOD from all over the world prayed for me and encouraged me. I was able to experience the power of your prayers each and every day. I can feel those prayers protecting me as well.
I was moved to tears when I realised that there are so many servants of GOD and children of GOD all over the world that GOD has blessed me with, to love me and pray for me, I praised GOD for this! I fall prostrate before the feet of my LORD Jesus Christ and thank HIM for the concern that is shown by so many people to this donkey who carries Jesus Christ on its back. Please continue to pray for me. Please pray that GOD will continue to equip me to do what he wants to be done by me.
GOD has been revealing some things that needs to be done towards the revival of Tamil Nadu. I need HIS grace to be able to do those things. Please pray for this!
GOD blessed the fasting prayers that was held at London. A Revival is about to break out in London and spread through all the European countries! Please pray for England. There was a time when many missionaries came from England carrying the gospel to India but the nation is in need of a revival now!
There is going to be a great revival all over the world before the second coming of Jesus Christ! We are able to see these signs in all the countries. We should also pray very earnestly for the revival in India.
We are going on a "Revival Prayer Tour" to pray for the salvation of the people and for revival to break forth in Israel from the 3rd May to the 13th May 2017. There are 450 people from India and about 100 people from Malaysia, Singapore, England, America, Canada, Sri Lanka, Germany and other countries counting to about 550 people. A 12-Hour Fasting Prayer has been organised at Jerusalem. There are prayers organised at Bethlehem, Mount Carmel, the sea shore of Galilee, Garden of Gethsemane, town of Joppa and other places.
OF the many Jews who are returning to Israel, there are many poor families. We have made arrangements to purchase household goods for about 100 such Jewish families during the trip. Please pray for these 100 Jewish families.
Please pray every day for me, my wife, the families of those who serve at Jesus Redeems! We are also praying for you!

Your Brother
Mohan C. Lazarus.

Monthly Message (May)

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