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My loving greetings in the precious name of our LORD Jesus Christ!
What an amazing GOD is our LORD Jesus Christ! He is one who keeps his word! As he had promised, he was with us during the 40 day Prayer Pilgrimage and guided us miraculously! He gathered multitudes of people for prayer at every city. This was not something that was done by any man; it was purely the work of HIS hands.
I was able to feel it in my spirit that GOD is very eager about the revival in Tamil Nadu. He poured out the spirit of Prayer upon every one of those who had gathered for prayers. We were able to witness people who could pray with anguish for the revival in Tamil Nadu. It was very amazing to witness non-Christians who had come to these prayers and prayed for Revival in Tamil Nadu.
GOD performed great many miracles much beyond our expectations and comprehension. GOD has united all the pastors with a oneness of heart in all the places that we went..
About 80,000 people have dedicated themselves to pray for the nation from 5:00 am to 6:00am each day. Moreover, they have dedicated themselves to abstain from the evils of Pride over their caste, taking dowry and bribe and live a life of testimony. We were able to witness the birth of a holy generation.
You were also praying with us, and specially prayed for me. I thank GOD for you! Your prayers were a great support to me. There is an important part for you in the revival of Tamil Nadu.
In this month, arrangements have been made to minister in England for a week and in Sri Lanka for two weeks. Please pray for these ministries, your prayers are very much the need of the hour..
In Sri Lanka, a Youth camp at Kilinochchi, 3-day Deliverance Festival at Vavuniya, 3 day Fasting Prayers at Galle, Special Meeting for businessmen and Healing Gospel Meeting at Colombo and many other ministries have been organised. Your prayers are very much needed for these meetings.
This is also a time of revival in Sri Lanka! Pray for the spreading of revival all over Sri Lanka. We have been providing assistance to proclaim the gospel in the villages in Sri Lanka. Pray. If GOD guides you, you can help support the ministries in Sri Lanka.
Please pray for our fellow evangelist Bro. A. Appadurai. Pray for good health for him.
We have commenced the construction of the New Life Medical Centre. Please pray that GOD will enable us to complete it..
We are praying for you and your families. Please pray for the families of the Jesus Redeems ministries as well.

Your Brother
Mohan C. Lazarus.

Monthly Message (April)

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