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Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Are you well? Is everyone in your family keeping well? We are praying for you and your family members. Our prayer team is praying to GOD to bless you as you read this magazine.
This month is the month when our children are sitting for their exams. We are praying for their exams. We are specially praying for those children who are sitting for the public exams, our prayer group will be Fasting and Praying for the children on the dates of their exams. GOD will bless our children with a great success.
God is cleansing the Tamil Nadu politics as per His word. Even the government that is in place now is a temporary one! Even more blessed changes will take place in the politics of Tamil Nadu. The evil men will be uprooted. We have to pray with burden for Tamil Nadu. We have to pray that "God should raise a good leader for Tamil Nadu". Please pray for this in your individual prayers and family prayers. We want a government that will close down all the "Tasmac" liquor shops.
Since you have been praying for our ministries, GOD has been performing great many miracles in our ministries. GOD commanded us to proclaim the gospel in the mountainous terrain. So far, GOD has been performing great many miracles in the meetings held at Vandi Periyar, Valparai and Kethi (Ooty). Multitudes were saved. God performed mighty miracles and signs. Praise GOD!.
Please pray for the meetings to be conducted in the hill stations of Kodaikanal this monthand in Yercaud in April 2017.
A Special Blessing Fasting Prayer has been organised at the Tabernacle of GOD at Nalumavadi on the Saturday, 11th of March 2017 for those men who are in business and Trade. If you are someone who is doing business, I would encourage you to come with your family, participate in the prayers and be blessed.
Moreover, from the 17th to the 19th of this month, we are a proceeding to Yangoon (Burma) in the country of Myanmar for the first time. I have prayed for Myanmar for the past 4 years. A way has been opened now. This ministry needs your special prayers.
WE are about to commence the construction of the front part of the Tabernacle of GOD, Please pray for this. Please pray for its needs to be supplied.
We are fervently working on proclaiming the gospel among the villages. Please pray for the villagers to be saved.
Please pray for me, my wife, Bro. A. Appadurai, the families of our 'Jesus Redeems' ministry. We are also praying for you.

Monthly Message (March)

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