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Greetings to you in the matchless and precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
God bless the ministries in Singapore and Malaysia. To GOD be all glory!
God granted us to go to Israel and conduct a 12 hour prayer at Jerusalem and a 9 our prayer at Bethlehem. I believe that revival will break out among the people of Judah and Palestine..
We were able to experience the presence of GOD abiding with us and leading us. We owe this to your prayers. I remember your prayers for me every day and praise GOD for those prayers! I am able to feel the power of your prayers.
In the coming month, a 12 hour fasting prayer has been organised at Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh, the Pastors revival prayer meeting at Bombay, and missionary ministries in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and the Youth conference at New Delhi. I very much need your prayers for me in this month, will you pray for me?
On the 30th October 2016, Mount Sinai -2016, a youth fasting prayer meeting has been organised to be conducted at 8 places. Please pray for this gathering, Please encourage the youth in your house to participate in these meetings and pray for revival in the nation.
GOD has been leading the ministry miraculously through your prayers and your sacrificial offerings. The construction of the Tabernacle of GOD and the Hospital is progressing. GOD will bless you with manifold blessing for supporting this ministry by your generous giving (Luke 6:38).
My wife is keeping good health because of all your prayers. I praise GOD for your love and for your prayers!
We are praying for your and for your families. You should also pray without being discouraged. Pray for Tamil Nadu and for India. Blessed changes are going to take place in Tamil Nadu! Continue to pray in faith.
Please do not stop praying for Tamil Nadu. We will witness a revival very soon! Please be filled with the Holy Spirit in prayer! The Holy Spirit will help you!
May HIS grace abide with you!
Your Brother,
Bro. Mohan C Lazarus.

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